Red Ensign Group

Terms of Reference


The United Kingdom Secretary of State for Transport has general superintendence of the Red Ensign Group on all matters relating to merchant shipping and seamen.

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) has delegated authority from the UK Secretary of State to ensure that the REG Registers maintain the highest international maritime standards in accordance with their obligations under the Conventions and in accordance with UK policy. The MCA fulfils this role through routine monitoring visits to each REG Register. As a part of its role the MCA facilitates liaison and technical discussions amongst the British Shipping Registries, facilitates an annual conference of all the REG Registers, which is known as the Red Ensign Group (REG) Conference. The UK also represents the interests of each REG member in international fora such as the IMO and the ILO.

The annual conference is held over the course of several days and aims to provide an opportunity for a rich and open exchange of views between delegates from the Red Ensign Group and the various Governmental Departments associated with maritime policy and the Crown Dependencies and Overseas territories. The conference seeks to strengthen maritime relationships between the different members and aims to disseminate and promote best practice within the Red Ensign Group. The Conference provides a forum for delegates to discuss policies and technical issues relating to current international rule making, maritime legislation, marine safety, pollution prevention, and the welfare of seafarers both for ships registered under Red Ensign flags and for ships under other flags that visit the ports of members.

Frequency and Location of REG Conference

The conference will be held once a year (usually in May), and located in a member country. A forward programme for conference venues will be agreed at least 12 months in advance. Currently the following have been agreed:

2012 - Isle of Man

2013 - British Virgin Islands

2014 - Gibraltar

REG 2012 conference photo

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