Frequently Asked Questions

The REG conference is held each year to give all members the opportunity for detailed and face to face discussions around current matters that are of interest to all. It’s a chance to share best practice and to look at ways of improving the performance of the British Register internationally. This is both in terms of commercial success and also in setting exemplary standards in meeting international obligations.

The conference is supported by the REG Technical Forum group (see separate page). 

The original REG conference began in 1988 and was held at the then Department of Transport in London. It was held initially to bring together the individual registrars to meet and discuss policy related to the British fleet. The first conference was felt to have been a success and it was decided to hold one every year with the agenda expanding to include other elements of the British Shipping Registers work. The conference is held in different locations every year across the geographical spread of the Red Ensign Group giving every member the opportunity to host.

The MCA has a dual role, in that as well as operating the UK Shipping Register, they have delegated authority from the UK Secretary of State for Transport to ensure that the REG British registries maintain the highest international maritime standards in accordance with their obligations under the International Conventions and in accordance with UK policy. This is carried out through their Business Improvement & Assurance branch who as well as monitoring performance of the registries, act as secretariat for the group and organise the annual REG Conference and associated meetings and working groups.

In addition, as the Flag State and signatory to the International Conventions, the UK through the MCA is responsible for representing the interests of the REG registers globally in such places as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO).