Coastal states work together for the good of all

The responsibility of caring for seas and coasts is something that sits with all the coastal states across the area covered by the Red Ensign Group. 

Alison Leighton from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency manages the UK Government funded Conflict Stability and Security Fund on the Agency's behalf.

She said: 'When you see these amazing coastlines in the Falkland Islands and see the wealth of wildlife it supports, it’s a serious reminder of why we as coastal states have to do all we can to protect them.

The work of Conflict Stability and Security Fund which the Maritime & Coastguard Agency runs across the Overseas Territories helps to support everyone in their work to protect these environmentally vital places.

This forum here as part of the Red Ensign Group Conference, allows everyone to share their individual knowledge which in turn could well become practical solutions which meet both international requirements and islands’ needs.’