'Conference has put maritime at the forefront of everyone's minds'

The Red Ensign Group Conference may be over for another year, but its work of maintaining and upholding maritime standards and protecting miles of beautiful coastline will continue in the weeks and months to come.

Delegates will be going back to their respective Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories with work to do in the run-up to the International Maritime Organization’s Member State Audit in the Autumn.

Co-chair of the REG Conference, Katy Ware said that bringing everyone together at the event in the Falkland Islands had been a real opportunity. ‘We know that there’s a lot of work still to do and we will never be complacent,’ she said. ‘But everyone is working so hard because ultimately we all care about the maritime communities we live and work in. The REG sets a standard that we will not compromise on and will continue to drive forward.’

Captain Chris Locke who co-chaired the event as the host in the Falkland Islands said: ‘We’re proud of our Islands and have been delighted to share all that’s best about it with the delegates this week. It’s also helped us to put maritime at the forefront of everyone’s minds here in the Falkland Islands too - and helped them realise just how much goes into it.’