Good discussions on coastal state work between MCA and Anguilla

An ongoing commitment to sharing expertise and supporting Red Ensign Group members has led to a meeting between the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and a senior figure from Anguilla.

Kim Cutler is the Deputy Head of the Governor’s Office in Anguilla and has been meeting with Richard Pellew who leads on REG matters for the MCA and Alison Leighton who is the programme manager for the Conflict Stability and Security Fund supporting coastal state work in the Overseas Territories.

The discussion covered a number of subject areas including the III Code audit and work around search and rescue and pollution response preparedness in Anguilla.

Kim said: ‘This has been a really helpful discussion. Getting support in terms of things like templates, advice and visits certainly makes things easier for us. Most of all, we can see the benefits of getting the work done for our coastal state.’

Richard said: ‘This sharing of expertise is one of the strengths of the REG. Everyone within the Group has something to offer and has a valid opinion. We’re here to support and work collaboratively with all those across the Group to help maintain and uphold the standards for which the REG is internationally known and respected.’