'IMO's III Code is clear priority': message from REG Conference 2018

A commitment to being ready for the IMO's III Code audit in two years time has been identified as a clear priority by the members of the Red Ensign Group at its annual conference held in Guernsey.

Mock audits with support from the Maritime & Coastguard Agency has been offered to the relevant UK government departments, Crown Dependencies & Overseas Territories.

The group has also been tasked to identify gaps in their processes which will need to be addressed in time for the IMO audit which will happen in 2020.

Richard Pellew of the Maritime & Coastguard Agency said: 'The mock audits will be like the real thing. Our reputation as a Group for maritime safety and standards has to be maintained. Meeting the requirements of the III Code audit is essential if we are to uphold the REG's high quality reputation and status.'

Other priorities include individual groups making sure that their domestic legislation fully implements international conventions and to carry out assessment of where their coastal state responsibilities need to be enhanced,

Sir Alan Massey, co-chair of the REG conference said: 'This has been a good conference with a recognition of work to be done and the challenges to be met. However, we know that the work doesn't end when the conference does. It's testimony to the strong relationships here that conversations will continue and the work will carry on in the weeks and months to come.'

Chad Murray, who co-chaired on behalf of the hosts Guernsey said: 'It's been a real opportunity for people to get around the table and get things done. It was great to see all those attending the coastal state workshops being really engaged with what's going on as well as those at the main REG conference meetings. For me, it's been really important to show the people of Guernsey and beyond that the work of the REG really does matter.'

The conference ended with the ringing of the REG bell.