Joint project brings surveyor expertise for online training in Falkland Islands

Surveyor video training developed by members of the Red Ensign Group is providing a boost to knowledge right across its membership.
The online modular training was created for Category Two members of the REG giving the opportunity for remote learning.
It's already seeing results in increased skills and knowledge across the group with the Falkland Islands Maritime Administration (FIMA) the latest to benefit.
Fisheries Protection Officer Ben Hall is one of seven from FIMA on the programme with progress being tracked and monitored by the Chief Surveyor and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
The training has been created in a collaboration of the expertise across the REG and is funded by the UK Government through the Conflict Security and Stability Fund.
Alison Leighton who manages the CSSF work for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency on behalf of the UK Government said: 'We've always known that there is a wealth of expertise across the REG from counter-pollution to search and rescue and survey and inspection. Tapping into that and creating collaboration between some of our most experienced surveyors has all sorts of benefits including this online training programme.'
Ben Hall said: 'The Cat 2 Surveyor training has increased my general knowledge of working practices on vessels. It has allowed for more knowledge in the reasons why I check certain appliances, training level and logs as part of the license conditions. I can now see the larger picture of how these areas fit together and the reasons why each are important in a well-run and safe vessel.'

The Falkland Islands Maritime Authority is currently consulting industry on the introduction of local Port State Control Regulations and hope to expand on the Cat 2 Surveyor initiative to enable expertise and capacity building for their Maritime Inspectors in regards to carrying out high-value inspections on foreign-flagged shipping.  This will ensure that they meet their obligations under the III Code and other Conventions extended to the Falkland Islands.