New water stretcher will 'serve community well' says St Helena's search and rescue service

A stretcher designed for rocky and difficult terrain is now being used by St Helena Sea Rescue Service - thanks to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the UK Government’s Conflict Stability and Security Fund.

The team at St Helena needed a replacement stretcher that would have the type of features suitable for its rocky coastline and looked to other search and rescue authorities to see what they were using.

It has a more stable platform and won’t easily capsize making it ideal for the St Helena terrain and it is also solid, meaning it can’t be punctured.

Deputy Sea Rescue Manager, Craig Scipio said:, “This stretcher has improved the service’s capability in this type of rescue. It is a very versatile piece of equipment that has numerous benefits, is very well designed, and the build quality is good.

“On the last weekly training session, the Sea Rescue team had the opportunity to test the stretcher in a casualty extrication exercise which was setup and carried out at Prosperous Bay Beach. The exercise was a success and the team was very happy with the new stretcher and the improved features. They felt confident that it would serve the community well if and when it is used in a rescue.”

Alison Leighton from the MCA who is CSSF Programme Manager said: “The Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s work through CSSF is to support the Overseas Territories, whether it be through training programmes, sharing experience and expertise across the Overseas Territories or, in this case, buying equipment.”

“We often talk about the Red Ensign Group being a family of which we are all a part and families support each other and share in the successes. We’re delighted that the St Helena Sea Rescue Service is getting the benefit of such a good piece of equipment.”