Safety and well-being form the cornerstone of sessions at Superyacht Forum

Sessions led by the Red Ensign Group at the Superyacht Forum have led to thought provoking discussions around crew welfare, nuclear power and submersibles.

Delegates representing the REG also led a session on the much anticipated revised Red Ensign Group Yacht Code which is due to be published next summer at the event which draws together people from across the superyacht industry.

The first session led by the REG was about crew welfare and was led by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency It also included representatives from Gibraltar Maritime Administration and Cayman Islands Shipping Registry as part of the panel.

Two real-life scenarios that crew can face were used to discuss what kind of responses and options were open to provide help. The two scenarios were based on aspects of crew life that get the most complaints: not being paid or being harassed by senior officers.

On the panel, as well as representatives of the Red Ensign Group, are welfare and union groups and trainers.

Training, early mediation, support - all were mentioned as part of the solution to what is being acknowledged as a widespread challenge by those in the session.


More thought-provoking discussions were had when Bermuda Maritime Authority led a session about the possible use of nuclear power for shipping, including the potential for large yachts. The workshop looked at how safety and sustainability combine to create a viable option.

What's the future for submersibles following the tragic loss of Titan? That was the matter up for discussion in the session led by the Isle of Man Ship Registry.

A panel from across the spectrum of the industry to discuss how best to support use of private exploration & research submersibles as the Superyacht Forum continues into its second day.

Interesting debate and some thought-provoking questions against the backdrop of managing the risks while supporting the owners and operators for what can be a valuable resource.

It's one of the most eagerly-awaited sessions of the Superyacht Forum - a seminar around the Red Ensign Group's Yacht Code.

Led by the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands with support from the Bermuda Shipping & Maritime Authority, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Isle of Man Shipping Registry and Virgin Islands Shipping Registry, the session is looking at how the REG looks to keep the Yacht Code a live document which responds to technological developments without compromising safety.

Rooted in SOLAS, the REG Yacht Code is being revised and the new edition will be published in the summer of 2024.