Red Ensign Group leads discussions at Superyacht Forum

Evolve or repeat – the stark message of this year’s Superyacht Forum – will see members of the Red Ensign Group (REG) driving forward discussions about the future of the industry. 

The ongoing concerns for crew welfare, how to create a more sustainable greener industry through future fuel and propulsions and matters of regulation will all come under the spotlight in a series of REG-led seminars at the event in Amsterdam this week. 

As a headline sponsor, the Red Ensign Group will be running sessions and also providing opportunities for attendees of the Forum to meet technical experts from five of the REG shipping registries, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man and United Kingdom.  

The first seminar will focus will be on providing a sustainable greener future for the industry against the backdrop of the ongoing work to tackle climate change.  

For the second seminar, the session will look at how the industry continues to meet and deal with the challenges of providing crew welfare with the REG driving forward the discussion around that support. 

Attendees at the seminar will also have the opportunity to hear about updates to the world-renowned Red Ensign Group Yacht Code and also – separately – grill representatives about all manner of subjects in an Ask the REG session. 

A spokesperson for the Red Ensign Group said:  

“Our primary focus remains the welfare and wellbeing of our seafarers and the safety of the vessels they work on. We know that mental health has been and continues to be a real challenge for those working on board yachts. The REG continues to work with others to offer support and practical solutions to those challenges for all those who work at sea for long periods of time. 

“We are also very aware that the challenges that face our whole planet are also those we need to tackle head on. With climate change high on the agenda, we must all do what we can to make a difference to reduce carbon emissions. There is not an option to stand still – we must evolve or we will repeat the problems that continue to affect the whole planet.”