Red Ensign Group Yacht Code under the spotlight at Superyacht Forum

There's an opportunity for the yachting industry to ask questions about the Red Ensign Group Yacht Code at the second day of the Superyacht Forum.

Adam Jackson, Technical Head, UK Ship Register Large Yacht Services is chairing the session on the REG Yacht Code.

He said: ‘Last year we introduced the Yacht Code at the Superyacht Forum. This year, we’ll be talking about the specifics of change, giving owners and builders the chance to get clarifications ahead of the Code coming into force in January.

'The Red Ensign Group’s yacht surveyors and technical experts have worked hard to make the Code something that will make international regulatory compliance for luxury yachts achievable, while maintaining what it is that makes a yacht unique.'

The Superyacht Forum is being attended by representatives from across the REG including Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and UK shipping registries.