Sharing experience and expertise as class society meets with REG members

A meeting to share experience and expertise between members of the Red Ensign Group and one of its class societies has been held as part of the ongoing work of maintaining high standards of regulation.

Representatives from Lloyd’s Register have been meeting with the REG at the Maritime & Coastguard Agency’s offices in Southampton to talk about their work and also showcase some of the methods they use. Members from Bermuda, Cayman Islands and the Isle of Man Ship Registers were at the event along with representatives from the Maritime & Coastguard Agency in its regulatory role.

Richard Pellew, co-chair of the Red Ensign Group Technical Forum said: ‘Ultimately, we’re all interested in how best to regulate and it’s important for us to regularly meet with our class societies to share best practice and how that will help maintain the high standards the REG sets. It’s a two-way relationship and all of us have something to contribute.’

Tony Bush from Lloyd’s Register said: ‘It’s good for us to meet with the REG on a regular basis. Improvements in technology can help us to carry out our work in a way that continues to meet the requirements of regulation while allowing innovation.’