Statement on Montserrat Yachting Association from REG

A spokesperson for the Red Ensign Group said:

“The Montserrat Yachting Association is not recognised or authorised by the British Shipping registry and maritime administration of Montserrat in any capacity whether as a registry agent, a trainer of seafarers or to issue vessel or seafarer certification on behalf of the administration.  Furthermore, Montserrat Yachting Association has no connection or recognition either from the wider Red Ensign Group of British shipping registries and maritime administrations.

“Seafarer certificates issued in respect of the STCW Convention may only be issued by contracting governments.  The UK and the Montserrat maritime administration can confirm that the STCW Convention has not been extended to Montserrat.  Accordingly, any Convention certificate issued by the Montserrat Yachting Association that, through the inclusion of the Red Ensign logo or wording referring to the British Overseas Territory of Montserrat, may pertain to be or otherwise be inferred to be, a British or Montserrat certificate cannot be considered as valid”