Superyacht Forum: 'A real opportunity to engage with industry'

It's the final day of the Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam and a chance for the team from the Red Ensign Group to continue engaging with the industry.
For Chris Boreham, chief marine surveyor with the Bermuda Shipping & Maritime Authority, it's been a particularly interesting experience - his first Superyacht Forum.
He said: 'It's been a real opportunity to engage with the industry. For us it's really valuable as all good regulators want to engage with the regulated.
'We have a position for the next 20 years in line and working with the International Maritime Organization but we want to engage with the industry about theirs.'
The Superyacht Forum has been attended by Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man and United Kingdom Shipping Registers, as part of the Red Ensign Group.